Feast or Famine Banquet

To simulate global inequalities the troop split into three teams and each was given a mystery bag of ingredients.

The high income group feasted on frozen convenience foods, including ice cream, chips, fish fingers and peas they had an oven, table, chairs, cutlery and napkins.

The middle income group had a gas burner a table and bench and rice and beans to eat.

The low income group were given a pot and a bag of rice and told to go outside and feed themselves.

The low income group improvised well, building an outdoor dining area. They were not the last to eat but had trouble feeding themselves without cutlery.

The high income group had trouble with their oven and ate last, which meant everyone got to watch them guzzle icecream. After wards we discussed how people felt abou the inequalities and what it was like for most people in the world. Interestingly every group ended up throwing away most of the food. As was pointed out, no one said they had to cook all of the food. The realisation that the whole bag of rice might have been enough for a family for serveral days was a sobering thought.

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