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Windmill and Airmen’s graves on Ashdown Forest

Well done for this week’s hike! Apologies for the late finish, next time we’ll be quicker! Thanks to the parents (and dog) who walked with us.

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Crawling, balancing, bouncing and dinosaurs at Blacklands

It was a fantastic evening yesterday, with all the Cubs together at Backlands Farm, East Grinstead. Well done to all for trying new activities!

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Renewing our Promise

“I promise to do my best To be kind and helpful And to love God / And to love the World” Well done to all the Beavers that came along to renew their promise today. We thought about what our … Continue reading

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Welcome back to the Summer term

Chickens, lambs and sheep tonight! What a treat – we were invited to Bagherra’s Farm (Thursday night Cubs) to see the lambs tonight. One had been born just before we arrived! We spent the whole evening looking at the sheep and … Continue reading

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The Wild Man of the Woods

This week Cubs created their own ‘Wild Man of the Woods’ and explored the different trees in the area with Scott, an arborist – identifying them by the twigs and buds. Thanks Scott! We were amazed that so many didn’t … Continue reading

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Road safety quiz!

The first activity tonight was to re-visit the wooded area near the hut to see how things have changed since our last visit. This is working towards the Nature badge…new growth was noted…in between the climbing! Then the competition began! … Continue reading

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A French Party!

Tonight we continued our International badge, with some French dancing! There was lots of turning and spinning, clapping and swinging for the first two dances and then partner work for the second two dances – walking, marching, skipping, then a … Continue reading

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Swimming gala

Well done to Beavers and Cubs teams taking part in the Ashdown district swimming gala this evening. 3rd place for one of the Cubs teams and 2nd & 3rd for the 2 Beaver teams. A great team effort from all … Continue reading

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Food glorious food!

What a delicious evening this week – the Cubs made their own vegetable kebabs…and ate them (despite saying they didn’t like any of the ingredients!) Courgettes were sliced, mushrooms chopped and halloumi  diced. The pepper, pineapple and bread was eaten before … Continue reading

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Blood, guts and fainting…and a big goodbye!

Thanks to Ian from Sussex Trauma and Mick for teaching the Cubs Emergency Aid tonight – from choking to nose bleeds, from fainting to the recovery position, from burns to allergies, we covered it all! We also had to say … Continue reading

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