Barmy British Games

This evening we had a look at some of some of the slightly odd games and traditions from around the UK before having a go at some for ourselves. From Gloucestershire cheese rolling to Beer barrel races, with a game of conkers and monkey football thrown in for good measure!

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International Badge

Aways a great fun evening, lots of excellent food prepared by the scouts and tasted by Tom.

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Exploring in the Park

This evening, the Beavers went exploring in Buxted Park and St Margaret’s church, working towards their Explorer and Outdoor Challenge badges. 

The Beavers were excellent spotters and found all of the things on their explorer cards. Well done!

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Getting ready to explore

This week, we were working on our Explorer badge by thinking about where would be a good place to go and explore. We looked at maps to identify places to go, and thought about what we might need to wear and take in our backpacks.

Next week we will be exploring in Buxted Park to complete our badge.

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The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

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Welcome back!

It was lovely to see everyone again this week. And with so many new faces, and new lodge leaders, we made fortune tellers to help us get to know everyone. We finished off the evening with some team and parachute games – could the cat catch the mouse?

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End of term rounders

And so in our final meeting of the term, Beavers retain the Rounders title, beating the parents by 11-6 with some  fantastic batting, running and fielding from the Beavers team.

There were loads of badges to present that the Beavers have worked hard for this term, with Felix and Harry achieving their Chief Scout Bronze award, the highest badge that Beavers can earn. Well done to both of them.

We also welcomed Jay, who will be joining the Leader team in September, and said goodbye to 6 Beavers who are moving on to Cubs. We wish them well in the next stage of their scouting journey.

So that’s it for now. Have a great summer, and we’ll be back again in September.

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