Scout Code of Conduct

This code of conduct was developed over two evenings through discussion and debate and agreed by the troop on February 6th 2013.

We have created the code to share what we feel is important about the way we do things. We also follow the Scout Law and keep to the Scout Promise.

1. Respect others, take an interest in them, their beliefs, differences and opinions.

2. Respect and believe in yourself when trying to meet a goal.

3. Earn respect by doing as asked and doing a good job.

4. Listen to each other and be quiet when asked.

5. Help and care for each other and people in your community.

6. Be safe with equipment, look after it.
Get involved with as many activities as you can, be loyal and committed.

7. Don’t hit, pick on or otherwise hurt or damage anyone or thing deliberately.

8. Don’t mess about.

9. Don’t answer back when asked by a leader, apl or pl.

10. Don’t swear or use inappropriate language.